Birth certificate v Baptism entry

What do you need a birth certificate for UK?

A birth certificate is required, for passport purposes, as evidence of a person’s name, date and place of birth. A full birth certificate is normally required for applicants: Born outside the United Kingdom. Born in the United Kingdom after 31 December 1982.

What is a full UK birth certificate?

What exactly is a UK Full Birth Certificate? A full birth certificate is a copy of the entry in the birth register, detailing information on both biological parents of the individual. Unlike short birth certificates, full birth certificates are not issued free of charge once a birth is registered.

Is a certified copy of a birth certificate the same as the original UK?

The “full” birth certificate (certified copy of an entry) based on the Parental Order register supersedes the original birth certificate, and will show only the re-registered details of the person.

What is a short birth certificate UK?

There are 2 types of birth certificate: the short version, which contains only the baby’s details. the full version, which also contains the parents’ details.

What happens if you don’t have a birth certificate UK?

If you have been asked to provide a birth certificate and you were born in the UK. You should arrange to obtain an official copy from the relevant registrar’s department in the area you were born. If you do not have a birth certificate and you were adopted you can provide your adoption certificate.

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