Becoming Australian citizens after British ancestors came to Australia?

Can I get Australian citizenship if my grandfather was Australian?

We only accept full, original Australian birth certificates issued by an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages that show parent or grandparent names.

Does Australia have citizenship by descent?

If you were born outside Australia on or after 26 January 1949, you may be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent if at least one person who was your parent at the time of your birth was also an Australian citizen at the time of your birth.

How long does Australian citizenship by descent take?

If you have applied for Australian citizenship by descent, 90% of applications are processed within 4 months. If you have applied for Evidence of Australian citizenship, 90% of applications are processed within 25 days.

When did Australians become Australian citizens and not British citizens?

26 January 1949

What the Act did. The Act created Australian citizenship and the conditions by which it could be acquired. The main provisions of the Act were that: All Australian-born and other British subjects resident in Australia for the five years prior to 26 January 1949 were automatically Australian citizens.

Can I become a British citizen by descent?

Your British citizenship by descent eligibility can be based on one of the following: You or one of your parents were born in a former British territory and registered as a British citizen. One of your parents was in Crow service when you were born. Your parents married before 1949, and your father was born in the UK.

When did Australian citizens stop being British subjects?


Finally, in 1984, there was a further change; we ceased altogether to be British subjects and ever since we have been simply Australian citizens and nothing more. These changes over the past fifty years may seem quite dramatic ones.

Are you automatically a citizen of the country you are born in?

The following countries have unrestricted birthright citizenship: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chad, Child, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, Lesotho, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts …

Who is eligible for Australian citizenship?

Australian Citizenship Requirements

You are over 16 years of age. You have lived in Australia for a period of four years, including 12 months as a permanent resident. Are of good character. Have an adequate knowledge of your responsibilities and privileges as a citizen.

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