Are there records for Whitecross Debtors Prison Turnkeys in 19th Century London?

Did families live in debtors prison?

If the father of a family was imprisoned for debt, the family business often suffered while the mother and children fell into poverty. Unable to pay the debt, the father often remained in debtors’ prison for many years.

What is the history of debtors prison?

What is the history of debtors’ prisons in the United States? FROM THE LATE 1600S TO THE EARLY 1800S2, many cities and states operated actual “debtors’ prisons,” brick-and-mortar facilities that were designed explicitly and exclusively for jailing negligent borrowers – some of whom owed no more than 60 cents.

When was debtors prison abolished in the UK?


When was the system of debtors’ prisons abolished? The 1869 Debtors Act brought an end to debtors’ prisons in the UK.

Was there ever a debtors prison?

US Supreme Court banned debtors prisons in 1833

From the late 1600s to the early 1800s, debtor’s prisons were purpose-built to jail borrowers who had not paid their dues. Records exist showing some people being jailed for 60c ($130 approx in 2021).

What was debtors prison in England?


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Location The prison occupied two locations in Southwark on what is now Borough High Street, the first 1373–1811, the second 1811–1842.
Coordinates 51.5018°N 0.0921°W
Population Debtors, pirates, smugglers, those accused of sedition
Notable prisoners

How long did Marshalsea Prison exist?

Marshalsea Prison itself stood just south of the River Thames in Southwark for nearly 500 years until it closed in 1842.

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