Ancestors missing from ThruLines?

Troubleshooting. It may take up to 48 hours for your ThruLines to appear after you make changes. Make sure your DNA results are linked to yourself and the right tree (check in DNA settings > select a test > Tree Link section).

How many generations does Ancestry ThruLines go back?

7 generations

ThruLines only reaches back 7 generations, so if you’re looking for a breakthrough or descendants from ancestors before that time, you won’t see them in ThruLines.

Why can’t I turn on ThruLines on Ancestry?

ThruLines is accessible from “Your DNA Results Summary” under DNA in the top menu bar on Ancestry. To have access to ThruLines data, your family tree must be public, and linked to your DNA test. To check this, go to Your DNA Results Summary, and click on the Settings button (near the top right corner of the screen).

How often does Ancestry update ThruLines?

When Do Thrulines Update? Thrulines are not generated or updated immediately in response to new or updated family trees. The official line from Ancestry is that you will get Thrulines within 24 hours of linking your DNA to a searchable tree. The tree can be private, but it does have to be searchable.

What does it mean when you have no shared matches on Ancestry?

It’s possible that when you click a person’s Shared Matches tab, you’ll see a message that you two have no shared matches. It simply means that no other cousins who share DNA with both you and this match have tested—yet.

Are Ancestry ThruLines accurate?

Accuracy. Since ThruLines are based on the family trees of you and other members of Ancestry, they’re as accurate as the trees they’re based on. Mistakes in family trees can cause inaccurate ThruLines. Because they’re based on trees, ThruLines don’t prove your specific connection to a DNA match.

Who can trace their lineage back the furthest?

Confucius is often claimed to have the longest-running documented family tree. The record of his lineage was in fact updated for the fifth time just two years ago, in a staggering 43,000-page set of books, detailing 83 generations.

Where is ThruLines on Ancestry app?

DNA matches and ThruLines® moved: From the bottom of any screen in the Ancestry app, tap More. Scroll to the AncestryDNA® section and tap DNA Matches or ThruLines.

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