Allied POW camps WWII

The camps for Allied airmen were run by the Luftwaffe independently of the Army.

  • Dulag Luft Oberursel, Frankfurt.
  • Stalag Luft I Barth [3]
  • Stalag Luft II Litzmannstadt (Poland)
  • Stalag Luft III Sagan [4]
  • Stalag Luft IV Groß Tychow (Poland) [5]
  • Stalag Luft V Halle/Saale.
  • Stalag Luft VI Heydekrug.
  • Stalag Luft VII Bankau.

Where were the Allied POW camps in ww2?

Most were captured in a string of defeats in France, North Africa and the Balkans between 1940 and 1942. They were held in a network of POW camps stretching from Nazi-occupied Poland to Italy. The experience of capture could be humiliating.

Did the Allies have POW camps?

Between 1939 and 1945, Britain was home to more than 400,000 prisoners of war from Italy, the Ukraine and Germany. They were housed in hundreds of camps around the country, with five sites in Northern Ireland.

What was the best POW camp in ww2?

Stalag Luft III had the best-organised recreational program of any POW camp in Germany.

How many Allied POWs were there in ww2?

Sixteen million Americans served in World War II. Of these, over 120,000 lived out part of the war behind barbed wire. In the European theater, 93,941 Americans were held as prisoners of war (POWs).

Did the US have POW camps in ww2?

During World War II, the United States established many prisoner of war (POW) camps on its soil for the first time since the Civil War. By 1943, Arkansas had received the first of 23,000 German and Italian prisoners of war, who would live and work at military installations and branch camps throughout the state.

What was the most famous POW camp?

The most famous POW breakout is the ‘Great Escape’ in March 1944 from Stalag Luft III, a camp which held Allied aircrew. Plans for a mass escape from the camp began in April 1943, headed by Squadron Leader Roger Bushell.

Who treated POWs the best in ww2?

7 Answers. Show activity on this post. If you are asking about people who were prisoners of the Germans, then British and Americans did the best, although this was certainly no joyride.

Who was the longest held prisoner of war?

He was one of the longest-held American prisoner of war in U.S. history that was returned or captured by troops, spending nearly nine years in captivity in the forests and mountains of South Vietnam and Laos, and in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Floyd James Thompson
Battles/wars Vietnam War

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